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Lewes Conservation Area Advisory Group

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What we do

We meet every four weeks. Our first task is to look at every planning application submitted to the South Downs National Park Authority over the previous month and then make a recommendation to the Council Planning Committee either to approve or reject the application, giving our reasons. Our recommendation will always be focussed on the likely impact that the project will have on the Conservation Area. It will have nothing to do with personal likes or dislikes.

When we recommend rejection we will try to make an alternative suggestion.

It is important to stress that like other CAAGs, Lewes CAAG has no executive power. Our recommendations are taken seriously by the authorities and recent planning history shows that we have made a valuable contribution to the planning process.

But advising on planning applications is only one part of what we do.

If we are to be successful in our aim to act as guardians of the Lewes townscape we need to be pro-active. We need to seek out any instance where the Conservation Area is in danger of being damaged in any way. We need also to look for opportunities to improve the level of protection or conservation to the fabric of our town.

And this is where everyone who lives or spends time in Lewes can help.

To find out just how you can help us, please click on the "how you can help" page on the list on the left.


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